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Frequently Asked Questions

Healthcare Related Questions, Answered for You

Do you have that "AIR PUFF" test?

Our clinic is a PUFF FREE zone! We know how intimidating the air puff test is, and we've chosen different methods to check eye pressures.

Do I need to have eye drops during my exam?

In most cases we are able to complete the exam without the use of eye drops.

Can I wear contact lenses?

Potentially.  Come in for an exam and contact evaluation to measure the shape of your eyes, and check your prescription to see which lenses will be right for you.

Do you treat pink eye?

YES!! Please come see Dr. Barrett to ensure you get the proper treatment quickly to resolve your eye infection.

A family member has Glaucoma, will my eyes be checked for glaucoma during the regular eye exam?

Yes! We check multiple things during the exam to screen for glaucoma.

I'm seeing flashes of lights and new floaters, what does that mean?

That can mean there is something damaging the retina inside the eye.  Please see an eye doctor as soon as possible.

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