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Our goal is to help you see vividly!

Comprehensive Eye Examinations

Keep yourself and your loved ones healthy! At Vivid Vision Care, our friendly and experienced staff will make sure you always feel comfortable and well-informed. Our comprehensive eye exam process includes screenings for eye conditions including glaucoma, macular degeneration, and cataracts.  Comprehensive eye exams can also help us detect early signs of diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and other conditions.


Contact Lens Evaluations

At Vivid Vision Care, we pride ourselves in fitting healthy and comfortable lens brands.  With a variety of options for monthly, two week, or daily disposable lenses, we will find the perfect fit for you. We fit SINGLE VISION, TORIC, MULTIFOCAL, and even COLORED contact lenses!

Medical Eye Visits

Are your eyes red and painful? Are you noticing flashes of lights or new floaters?  Our focused medical visits are available to help treat medical eye conditions when they arise.


Refractive Surgery Co-Management

Here at Vivid Vision Care, Dr. Barrett provides care for patients before and after their refractive surgery procedures (LASIK, PRK, ICL).  Curious about LASIK but don't have a surgery scheduled yet? Schedule a visit to see Dr. Barrett, where you can discuss your concerns, ask questions, and find out if your refractive error is within acceptable parameters for surgery.

Ocular Surface Disease

Ocular surface disease is a condition caused by inflammation on the structures on and around the eyes.  This can be caused by not producing enough tears, too much bacteria on your eye lashes, disfunction of the oil glands of the eyelids to name a few. Symptoms may include dryness, watering of the eyes, itching, burning, stinging or blurry vision.  Our  ocular surface evaluation determine the best treatment options for your symptoms.   

Putting Eye Drops

Intense Pulse Light Treatments

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy has traditionally been used as a cosmetic procedure, but it is now recognized as a groundbreaking treatment for chronic dry eye disease. IPL releases focused wavelengths of light to treat meibomian gland dysfunction, a common cause of dry eye symptoms, providing longlasting relief.

Myopia Control

Though Myopia (nearsightedness) is common, it's not normal.  Now there is a way to slow down the worsening or progression! Here at Vivid Vision Care we utilize MiSight contact lenses which have been shown to slow the progression of myopia when used as directed. Schedule an exam and contact evaluation with Dr. Barrett today!

Child with Contact Lens
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